Sunshine Coast Lightning has announced its leadership group for the 2023 Suncorp Super Netball Season, with the leaders unchanged from 2022.

Lightning Foundation player and Australian Diamonds Vice Captain, Steph Wood will lead the side as Captain going into the new season, with Laura Scherian and Tara Hinchliffe rounding out the group as co-Vice Captains.

“We are fortunate at Lightning to have many strong leaders across the whole group,” Head Coach Belinda Reynolds shared.

“Steph, Shez [Laura Scherian] and Tara are all inspiring leaders with different skillsets, and in collaboration provide a diverse leadership framework to drive our culture forward. I am confident all three will play their roles to lead, inspire and challenge our team this season.

“Steph is an absolute professional when it comes to elite behaviours and she consistently drives these standards within our squad. While she leads on and off the court, it is her ability to take the game on and want ball in hand in moments that matter which inspires her team the most.

“Both Tara and Shez’s leadership style add balance to our leadership group. Tara is an up-and-coming well-rounded leader who is well respected by all the players and shows great composure under pressure. Shez leads with her work rate and has great emotional intelligence which allows her to have a deep connection with the entire squad.”

When asked to vote for their 2023 leaders, Reynolds said the players were all very honest in their selection.

“When voting on what they wanted from their leaders this season, they valued the ability to drive standards, connect with both players and staff within the program, and to show courage and lead from the front. These were all attributes the team felt Steph, Shez and Tara collectively will deliver.”

“I think we’re a really exciting group,” Lightning Captain Steph Wood said.

“After a tough season last year, B and everyone around here has really lit a fire in my belly to get back to the top.

“Whether you have a little letter next to your name or not, what’s great about our group is that we have leaders everywhere. If you’re a first year player coming into the group or if you’re a little bit older and have been here a little bit longer, we’ve got leadership qualities all across the court.

“It’s not just up to us leaders to set the example, it’s everyone. I think we’re going to have a pretty incredible year and I just can’t wait to see what we can do.”

Sunshine Coast Lightning CEO, Danielle Smith said the group boasts leadership across the court, while remaining community-minded as a Club.

“These three players are fantastic people, and are great ambassadors for the Club, the SSN and netball more widely,” she said.

“With Steph leading the charge, supported by Shez and Tara, we’ve got strong leadership across each area of the court, as well as complementary attributes off the court, giving us an excellent mix of leaders. They will all help take Lightning forward on the court, as well as continue to grow our reputation as an elite sporting Club with a strong community focus.”

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