Code of conduct

Sunshine Coast Lightning (the “Club”) believes that all people that interact with the Club including members, supporters, suppliers, volunteers, service providers, sponsors and corporate partners, together with their guests, have the right to enjoy all games and events in a safe and supportive environment. To this end, we require all people interacting with the Club to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Each person in their interaction with the Sunshine Coast Lightning, including attending a Sunshine Coast Lightning game, event, function or on social media must:

+ Act as ambassadors for the Sunshine Coast Lightning, and the game of netball, by conducting themselves in a way reflective of our values and in promotion of the Club;

+ Not abuse the match officials, venue employees, security, players and Sunshine Coast Lightning employees and officials, which includes not using crude or abusive language or gestures, insults, threats, intimidation, assault, provocation or otherwise act in an abusive manner;

+ Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, race, colour, religion, language, sexuality, politics, national or ethnic origin or choice of team;

+ Not be violent in any way, including encouraging or inciting violence, whether or not it is instigated by other spectators, team officials, coaches or players;

+ Not engage in discrimination, harassment or abuse in any form, including the use of obscene or offensive language or gestures;

+ Not be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs;

+ Follow Sunshine Coast Lightning’s dress codes, where appropriate;

+ Comply with any terms of entry of a venue, including bag inspections, prohibited and restricted items such as flares, missiles, dangerous articles and items that have the potential to cause injury or public nuisance;

+ Not throw missiles, including on to the field of play or at other spectators, and must not enter the field of play or its surrounds without lawful authority;

+ Always adhere to and comply with the conditions of entry to University of Sunshine Coast Sports Stadium or any other venue hosting a Sunshine Coast Lightning event; and

+ Conduct themselves in a manner that enhances, rather than injures, the reputation and goodwill of Sunshine Coast Lightning, Netball Australia and the game generally.

Any person who interacts with the Club and does not comply with this Code of Conduct or who otherwise causes a disturbance may be evicted from the venue and/or event and banned from attending future matches and/or events.

Where a person that interacts with the Club is entitled to receive certain rights and benefits (such as membership benefits, sponsor entitlements or accreditation entitlements), Sunshine Coast Lightning reserves the right to suspend or terminate those rights and benefits should the person’s conduct harm, or is likely to harm, the reputation of the Sunshine Coast Lightning, or causes or is likely to cause an unsafe environment.