Sunshine Coast Lightning will reveal its first ever community mural next week in Caloundra.

In partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council, the 10m mural features Lightning players past and present, and will be on display on the external wall of the Caloundra Indoor Stadium.

Local mural artist Sarah Sculley worked alongside First Nations artist, Zartisha Davis to bring the mural to life, featuring Lightning’s logo, playing images and photographs of the 2017 and 2018 Premiership teams. The design also incorporates Lightning’s First Nations dress design elements.

After starting her career as a graphic designer, Sarah Sculley decided she didn’t love the medium and switched to painting instead. She now has experience painting large-scale murals in a stencil style, often based on images.

Sarah said this mural will send an important message to young netballers in the community.

“The mural is especially important for the younger players out here on the courts playing and seeing how aspirational it is. It shows them where they could be if they keep training and trying really hard,” she said.

Sarah Sculley working on the mural in Caloundra














Zartisha Davis is a proud Kabi Kabi woman and artist and is also Lightning’s First Nations artist for 2024.

“I’ve added my shell middens which is my signature pattern. We’ve also got symbols for community and ancestors,” Zartisha said.

“We’ve had a lot of the netball teams playing here over the past few days and we’ve had so many compliments which is really cool. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it, it’s going to look so good and I’m so proud to have some of my work up here on such a big scale in the community.”

Zartisha Davis works on the shell middens on the mural.














The mural will be officially unveiled to the community on Tuesday, 14 May at 4pm. With Sunshine Coast Council Mayor, Lightning players and the local community in attendance.

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