Membership FAQs


How do I renew my Sunshine Coast Lightning membership?

Membership for 2020 will go on sale soon. If you elected to Pledge Lightning your membership will rollover prior to the end of 2019. Exact date of rollover will be confirmed shortly.

If you aren’t on the 2020 automatic rollover, you will be able to renew your membership for 2019 from 29 November onwards.

You can renew your membership via the Members’ Portal or alternatively by calling our membership team on 1300 544 486.

I am on the Sunshine Coast Lightning direct debit payment plan. When will the instalments be debited?

The first instalment will be debited at the time of purchasing the membership. Remaining instalments will be direct debited on the 12th of each month (January, February, March, April and May). We kindly ask Members who have selected the direct debit payment plan to have funds available on these dates. If you need to update your credit card details, please contact our membership team on 1300 544 486.

If you sign up after 12 January, you will have the required payments deducted immediately to bring you up to date with the fixed schedule. Subsequent monthly instalments will then be debited on the 12th of each following month.

What is Pledge Lightning?

For season two of Suncorp Super Netball (SSN), Sunshine Coast Lightning introduced Pledge Lightning, an automatic renewal of Lightning membership. Pledge Lightning will continue in 2019.

By opting in to Pledge Lightning, users authorise Sunshine Coast Lightning to renew their membership each season (to the same package or a reasonably comparable package). The applicable membership fees are then charged to the credit or debit card used to purchase the previous membership.

All users have the option to opt out of Pledge Lightning when purchasing a Sunshine Coast Lightning membership. If you would like to opt out of Pledge Lightning, please call 1300 544 486 or email hello@sunshinecoastlightning.com.au

More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.


How can I update my personal contact details or credit card details for my payment plan?

To ensure you receive all Sunshine Coast Lightning communication, log into the Members’ Portal using your online ID (‘F’ number) and password to update your contact details.

To update your credit card details, please contact us on 1300 544 486 or email hello@sunshinecoastlightning.com.au


When will I receive my 2019 membership pack?

Membership packs will begin to be dispatched weekly from 8 March 2019. You can expect your pack to arrive within one to two weeks of the dispatch date.

If you are giving Membership as a gift, please call our Membership Team on 1300 544 486 and we can provide a gift certificate.


What is the definition of a Family Membership?

2019 Sunshine Coast Lightning Family Memberships must consist of two adults and two juniors or one adult and three juniors. Junior Members must be under the age of 15 as of 1 January 2019.


Will all four people receive merchandise from the Family Membership?

Yes. Regardless of how you configure your membership package (two adults and two juniors or one adult and three juniors), all four Members receive their own merchandise. Each Member will also receive special sponsor discounts, access to exclusive Members’ only events and much more.




Why don’t all memberships include tickets?

There’s nothing worse than being charged for events you can’t attend! Many of our Members have indicated that due to their busy schedules, they value flexibility in choosing which games they come along to. Our memberships therefore offer discounted tickets so you can attend as few or as many games as you like, all at an affordable price. This approach also minimises the number of vacant seats in the stadium, ensuring as many Lightning fans as possible have the opportunity to join in the fun. If one of our Members can’t make the game, another netball enthusiast can enjoy a live match rather than leaving the seat empty.


How do I guarantee myself a reserved seat at each home game in 2019?

Lightning’s Platinum Membership allows Lightning fans who want to attend every game an opportunity to reserve their seat. Platinum Membership will be limited to 100 people for the 2019 season, ensuring Lightning fans who aren’t able to attend every game still have the opportunity to come along to matches.


If I sign up as a Platinum Member, can I bring a friend with me to games?

Platinum Members will be allocated a seat for the season. You are able to request to sit with a friend or family member who is also a Platinum Member when you sign up. If you are a new Platinum Member for the 2019 season, your seat will be allocated in February 2019 and if you were a 2018 Platinum Member you will be allocated the same seat. Platinum Members will have access to our exclusive guest ticketing program, with a small section of seats located behind the platinum bay for their guests. All requests for guest tickets need to be made to hello@sunshinecoastlightning.com.au and are actioned on a first-in, first-served basis. Tickets are capped at two per Member and are priced at $47 per ticket.


How can I ensure I don’t miss out on purchasing tickets when they are released for sale?

Our Gold and Platinum Memberships guarantee you a ticket to home games. As a Platinum Member, you’ll have your very own reserved seat withing the stadium. For the first time, Gold Members will also be guaranteed a ticket when they purchase within the Gold Member priority buying window. Lightning will email Members the purchase window times prior to tickets going on sale.


If I am a Supporter or Supporter Plus Member, am I guaranteed a ticket?

Only our Gold and Platinum Members are guaranteed a ticket. A limited number of seats will be released to Supporter Plus Members (purchasable on a first-in, first-served basis) before tickets go on sale to the general public. We recommend getting in quickly for the best chance of securing a seat! An email will be sent to Members with more information prior to tickets going on sale.


What are the Member priority buying windows for the 2019 season?

For the 2019 Season, the following Member priority buying windows will take place:

– Gold Members will have 24 hours to purchase their guaranteed ticket for each game in the exclusive Member priority buying window. This will be an exclusive buying window for Gold Members only and only one ticket per membership can be purchased per game.

– Supporter Plus Members will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in a designated priority buying window. A limited number of tickets will be released to Supporter Plus Members on a first-in, first-served basis. This will be a Supporter Plus Members’ exclusive buying window and only one ticket per membership can be purchased per game.

– Supporter Members will be able to purchase tickets and receive 25% discount on the price of tickets in the general public release (pending availability).


How do Members organise seats together?

To ensure you are seated together, please have all Member barcodes handy. Your barcode is displayed on your Member card.

During your relevant pre-sale window, key in all Members’ barcodes to unlock the ability to purchase tickets. For example, if two families wish to sit together, one person can manage the purchase via the online shopping cart, adding each Member barcode, with a limit of 10 tickets per transaction. If you have not received your membership card, please contact us on 1300 544 486.


Can Members in different categories purchase seats together in the same window?

Members in different categories can purchase seats together in the same window; however, depending on what type of membership you have will depend on which priority buying window you can purchase within

– Gold Member priority buying window

Only Gold Members can purchase in this window

– Supporter Plus Member priority buying window

Gold and Supporter Plus Members can purchase in this window

– Supporter Members and general public sale

Gold, Supporter Plus and Supporter Members can purchase in this window.


How many tickets can I purchase with a Family Membership?

Lightning’s Supporter Plus and Gold Family Memberships can consist of two adults and two juniors or one adult and three juniors. Whichever option you choose, all four Members are entitled to an exclusive pre-sale period with 25% discount on match tickets. Each Member is entitled to purchase one discounted ticket per match. (Four tickets per Family Membership).


How many tickets can I buy in one transaction?

Members pre-sale: One ticket per Member, per match – up to 10 tickets per transaction.

General public on sale: Up to six tickets per transaction.


How do I purchase accessible seating?

Please call us on 1300 544 486 to arrange accessible seating.


How much will tickets cost?

More information on ticket prices will be available in April 2019.


When and where can I buy tickets?

Tickets for Lightning’s home games can be purchased online or by calling 1300 544 486.

More details will be available in early 2019 regarding specific timings.


How will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be supplied via email and can be printed at home.


Will there be last minute tickets available?

As the event date approaches, the venue may release any unsold or previously held tickets.


Why are last minute tickets released?

The team or league may no longer need the tickets that were contractually held when the event originally went on sale. At times, additional tickets may become available to the public closer to the event.


How do I qualify for a concession ticket?

To qualify for a concession ticket, customers must hold one of the following forms of identification: pensioner concession card (aged, single parent, veteran affairs or disability) or student card (full-time only). Health care cards and seniors cards do not qualify.



Why is USC Stadium being redeveloped?

We want to give as many fans as possible the opportunity to watch Sunshine Coast Lightning in action!

In 2018, Lightning had over 2,300 members – more than the existing stadium capacity. Every Lightning home game held to date has sold out, so it’s clear demand for tickets at our home stadium is very strong.

USC Sport is also experiencing significant growth, and the University is also eager to develop USC Stadium into a national-standard venue that plays host to a variety of sporting and cultural events.

What works are being carried out as part of the redevelopment?

The eastern side of USC Stadium will be extended, increasing seating capacity by approximately 50 percent and improving accessibility.


What does the upgraded stadium design include?

– Approximately 1,000 new seats

– A multi-purpose function room with views of Mooloolah River National Park

– Improved access and seating for people with a disability

– Additional changeroom facilities

– Additional public amenities including permanent bathroom facilities

– A lobby, meeting room, dedicated first aid room and additional office space

– A kiosk

– A new sound system


When is the redevelopment taking place?

Construction has commenced and is scheduled for completion in May 2019.


Will I still be able to watch Lightning home games next season?

Absolutely! We’ve worked closely with Netball Australia to schedule most of Lightning’s home games after the redevelopment is completed. Six matches will be played at USC Stadium in 2019, with full details to be released in December with the official 2019 Suncorp Super Netball Fixture.

Why does my membership only include tickets to six Lightning home games?

Construction of Lightning’s new and improved home stadium is scheduled for completion in May 2019. With the Suncorp Super Netball season commencing in late April, one home game will be played in a different venue to allow the builders time to put the finishing touches on our exciting new headquarters!




How do I upgrade or change my membership package?

To upgrade or change your membership package, please contact Lightning on 1300 544 486.


What is Sunshine Coast Lightning’s refund and exchange policy?

Membership applications will be processed as received and cannot be withdrawn once processed. All refund requests received in writing before Sunday, 31 March 2019 will be assessed by the membership department. Granting of refunds either partially or in-full is wholly at the discretion of Sunshine Coast Lightning. Cancellation fees may apply.


What is the code to receive a 10% discount on merchandise?

As a 2019 Lightning Member you will receive 10% off merchandise items from GAME Clothing. The code will be sent to you when you sign up as a 2019 Member and can also be obtained by calling the membership team on 1300 544 486 or emailing hello@sunshinecoastlightning.com.au.

Please note the discount can only be applied on full price items and excludes Member-only products (as the discount has already been applied) and sale items.


I have lost my membership card. How do I have it replaced?

Membership cards can be replaced for a fee of $20 and will be mailed out to you. Please contact the membership team on 1300 544 486 or email hello@sunshinecoastlightning.com.au to arrange a replacement card.


How do I get in contact with the Lightning membership team?

Please call us on 1300 544 486 or email your enquiry to hello@sunshinecoastlightning.com.au.