The Team Behind Lightning

Netball Operations

Belinda Reynolds – Head Coach

Jenny Brazel – Assistant Coach

Brynley Abad – Head of High Performance

Amy McDonald – Team Operations Manager

Luke Hogarth – Performance Analyst

Dr Matthew Dwyer – Team Doctor

Holly Hicks – Massage Therapist

Kristy Munroe – Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement Lead

Nick Bennett


Tayah Bot – Chief Marketing Officer (Storm Group)

Brittany Hall – General Manager, Marketing 

Jordy Albeck – Game Day & Events Manager 

Mykel Smith – Marketing Coordinator 

Emily Samuels – Content & Communications Manager

Matthew Evans – Video & Content Producer

Maddison Cook – Memberships & Ticketing Manager

Emma Bennett – Community Engagement Manager

Jeremy Morris – Events Coordinator

Geena Watson – Graphic Designer


Daniel Cullinan – Chief Commercial Officer (Storm Group) 

Hollie Stone – Head of Partnerships & Sales 

Megan O’Hurley – Partnerships Manager 

Abbey Hurney – Partnerships Manager 

Vanessa Abela – Partnerships Manager

Louise O’Keeffe – Corporate Partnerships Manager

Storm Group Shared Services

Steve Pisano – General Manager Finance 

Penny Swanson – Finance Manager 

Carla Wells – Office Manager

Michelle Young – General Manager People & Culture

Nicole Cameron – People & Culture Coordinator

Scott Ogilvie – General Manager Legal & Operations