By: Sunshine Coast 2032

It’s less than 10 years before the Brisbane 2032 opening ceremonies.

In July, well known business and community leader Roz White was appointed chair of Sunshine Coast 2032, the community initiative designed to maximise the opportunities in the lead up, during and after the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

With deputies Duncan Armstrong OAM and Brendan Burkett OAM, Ms White has today announced the Sunshine Coast 2032 board and committee.

Roz White says the high-powered group of athletes, businesspeople and community leaders is committed to ensuring the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Regions make the most of the social, economic, and environmental gains on offer, ‘The road to Brisbane 2032 is paved with opportunities, from infrastructure and community, to showcasing our beautiful home to the world. It’s up to us to leverage that potential.’

Ms White says the role of Sunshine Coast 2032 is to liaise with, connect and unite the community.

She said, ‘The games aren’t just about 2032; the positive outcomes from the games will be felt for decades to come.’

The Sunshine Coast 2032 Board members are:

  • Roz White
  • Duncan Armstrong OAM
  • Brendan Burkett OAM
  • Simone Pearce
  • Danielle Smith
  • Kerry Neill
  • Dawn-Lorraine Fraser
  • Leigh McCready

The Sunshine Coast 2032 leadership group, heading various committees, includes:

  • Kaitlyn Akers (Community & Volunteers)
  • Melanie Anderson (Business & Tourism)
  • Megyn Carpenter (Environment & Sustainability)
  • Blake Cochrane (Sport & Recreation / Ambassador)
  • Dane Cross (Infrastructure)
  • Ferre de Deyne (Arts & Culture)
  • Kylie Ezzy (Communications)
  • Alana Quade (Sport & Recreation / Ambassador)
  • Andrew Ryan (Infrastructure)
  • Jennifer Swaine (Business & Tourism)
  • Dianne Swan (Arts & Culture)
  • Min Swan (Community & Volunteers)
  • John Williams (Communications)

All members of Sunshine Coast 2032 are voluntary and unpaid positions.

Roz White says the committees will be the voices of the Sunshine Coast community, identifying partnership opportunities for business, industry and sporting groups and bringing the benefits of the Olympic and Paralympic games to life.

She says, “This is a unique opportunity to prioritise the Sunshine Coast in the games of 2032. Let’s dream big, together.”

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