Hunt’s Goal To Adapt To SSN Intensity

The intensity of the Suncorp Super Netball has been the biggest learning for Binnian Hunt.

Taking full advantage of her second year as part of the Lightning squad, the shooter is absorbing as much information she can.

“I have absolutely loved being a part of it – you’re playing against the best week in, week out,” Hunt said.

“I’ve taken on the intensity and that’s something I can take back to the Sapphires competition and for my development individually.

“It’s also good seeing how I fit into the team, I am playing a different position going from Goal Attack to Wing Attack, just seeing how I can adapt.”

The exposure to the senior squad so far in 2021 has also given Hunt a better understanding of the conditioning and fitness requirement to run out games at the elite level.

Hunt has shown a real aptitude when shifted into the Wing Attack position this season, providing a different style of play to Laura Scherian or Steph Wood in that role.

The adjustment has provided a new challenge for Hunt but bodes well for her ongoing development.

The shooter has still been honing her skills at Goal Attack when occasionally shifting back to gain court time at USC Thunder – like last weekend during the SSN split round.

“I went and played for Thunder for the weekend, so didn’t have as much of a rest but I did get to have some days off with the Lightning girls,” she said.

“It’s been a big year, so I think it was a good time for us to have a break.”

Hunt has been elevated to the Lightning squad as a temporary injury replacement player for Maddie Hinchliffe, who is rehabilitating a foot injury.

Today Lightning also announced that they would be entering a team into the Australian Netball Championships competition set for September this year.

The week-long tournament style competition provides a feeder league to the SSN competition, bridging the gap between the state leagues and the national competition.

“ANC will be quite intense competition versing the best of each state,” she said.

“It will be exciting for us Lightning Training Partners to compete together and have a go.

“No doubt the Championships will be tough – a lot of us haven’t done a week-style competition in a long time – I haven’t done it since I was 16 – so it will be a good challenge physically and mentally.”

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