Calling On Members To Help Grant ‘Mummy’s Wish’

Sunshine Coast Lightning’s inaugural Fan of the Year, Jason McIntyre, is identifiable at each home game with his booming voice and impressive beard.

Now Season 2021 is over, the Lightning Member has decided the iconic beard must go – but only if it benefits a very worthy cause.

Jason is set to shave his beard off at an upcoming Lightning community event with all proceeds going directly to a charity close to the Club’s heart – Mummy’s Wish.

When our much-loved Assistant Coach Christine Voge was diagnosed with cancer late last year, Mummy’s Wish was an organisation that came to the aid of her young family.

“My experience with Cancer has helped me realise how much extra support that patients and families need through their ongoing treatment and significant changes to family life that significant illness creates,” Voge said.

“There are many supporting organisations that offer help and assistance through this daunting process, which has been wonderful to experience.

“Mummy’s Wish is one of these important organisations which I have been able to access during my cancer treatment and who solely rely on community donations to help mums with cancer throughout Australia.

“Mummy’s Wish do this by offering practical support such as resources, food and cleaning services to alleviate the burden of cancer on mums with children under 13 years.”

Mummy’s Wish helped Chris when she needed it most, like when trying to explain to her two primary school-aged children about her diagnosis and the reason for her extended hospital stays.

In a year where COVID-19 restrictions made an already incredibly challenging time even more isolating, the organisation also found ways to help bring Chris closer to her sons – even when they couldn’t be together physically.

“I was able to access a coordinator to help me with ongoing support and information that I have needed through this time,” she said.

“One of the biggest challenges has been explaining to my young sons ‘what is cancer?’ and “why is mum sick and in hospital for so long?’.

“Mummy’s Wish supplied me with resources to start discussion and read information in an age-appropriate format.

“Additionally, with the burden of long stays in hospital and added COVID-19 restrictions, the organisation sent me two lovely teddy bears for my sons where I could record a personalised voice message that plays with a hug of the teddy.

“These simple bears have offered some comfort when we have been separated and knowing I am not too far away.”

Chris said she was incredibly grateful for the ongoing love and support from the Lightning family, especially Jason and his wife Vikki and encouraged anyone with the means to help support this incredible organisation.

“The ongoing support from Sunshine Coast Lightning with practical and emotional support has been unbelievable,” she said.

“Our Members, and particularly Jason and Vikki, are wonderful and this fundraising opportunity will be such a great contribution to Mummy’s Wish to help the significant numbers of mums with cancer.”

We are calling on loyal Lightning Members and fans to help with this fundraiser, so we can give back to the Charity who has given so much to one of Lightning’s own.

To read more about Mummy’s Wish, hear from Jason or to donate head to https://www.givenow.com.au/crowd…/public/jasonsbeardbegone

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