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Use 9 flat markers, 2 sets of different coloured bibs and 2 teams of players (e.g. two-teams of two, or 2-teams of six, etc.)


On your whistle, one player from each team picks up one of their coloured bibs and sprints out to the set up, placing their bib on one of the flat markers

They then sprint back and tag a teammate who then repeats the same activity

Each team is trying to be the first to win the game with a line of 3

This project has received support from the Sunshine Coast Councils Sports Industry Development grant that was awarded through the Australian and Queensland Governments under the 2019 Queensland Bushfires Local Economic Recovery Program. The Program was established to support projects that contribute to the economic and/or social recovery of the communities most heavily impacted by the Queensland Bushfires, and reduces the impact of future events on the community.