Legends on the court and Local Water Legends.

Sunshine Coast Lightning and Unitywater have reignited their partnership to help encourage the community to understand the value of water and use it sustainably.

Unitywater CEO Anna Jackson said there was no question when choosing to partner with the Lightning again.

“Lightning players are highly regarded in our communities and they’re our Local Water Legends,” she said.

“We’re enlisting their help to educate fans and the wider community about how we can all take simple, practical steps to adapt to changing weather patterns including preparing for storm season and how to protect our local waterways.

“As our region grows, it’s more important than ever to consider the value of water in our everyday lives and our shared role when it comes to using water responsibly.

“It seems very wet in our region and we’re approaching the third La Nina in a row but we can still maintain good water habits. We don’t have to be in drought to think about the value of water.”

One of Lightning’s major recent community initiatives is the Lightning Cup, which ran for the first time this year and had more than 700 students representing 72 teams.

Sunshine Coast Lightning CEO Danielle Smith said there were synergies between the two organisations, particularly with their focus on community.

“Our Lightning Cup is an annual primary school netball carnival that includes three competitions — Lightning Cup (Championship), Thunder Cup (Development) and Storm Cup (Boys),” she said.

“It also features multi-class skill sessions supporting the participation of intellectually and physically disabled students. We are thrilled that on the back of our huge success in our inaugural year, next year’s event will be known as the Unitywater Lightning Cup. We’re looking forward to having lots of little netballers and Local Water Legends on the court.”

Sunshine Coast Lightning mid-courter Laura Scherian said she was keen to spread the Local Water Legends message.

“Netball is all about teamwork and the same goes for saving water – all our efforts help work towards our shared goal,” she said.

“We’ll be encouraging the community to shoot for shorter shower times and attack any hidden water leaks!”

Unitywater will attend all Lightning home games to inspire families to be Local Water Legends.

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