Lightning Pre-Season Relies On Planning And Purpose

Sunshine Coast Lightning athletes endeavour to get the absolute best out of themselves in every single session but that mentality will be increasingly important in the lead in to 2022.

The March start date for the Suncorp Super Netball means clubs have lost almost a month’s worth of preparation time this pre-season, meaning every session becomes pivotal.

“It’s about that gradual build to Round One,” Byrne said.

“When we sat down and worked it all out it’s about 45 days less than we would normally have.

“A great deal of planning had to go in – how do we make sure we’re ready to go Round One and have done the work.

“Lucky for the girls they have double session days and they’ve smashed it this week.

“We have to be really planned and there has to be a real purpose to what we do this pre-season.”

Every pre-season has it’s own unique feel and Laura Scherian said this year was no different.

“We’re very lucky here, every year is quite different and [Skills & Conditioning Coach] Mark and Kylee are aware of what we’ve done previously and how we can mix it up and what is working,” Scherian said.

“I am still loving my netball and I was so excited to get back with the girls this week and I’m feeling good coming into another pre-season.”

The initiation into Lightning Season 2022 didn’t just cover the on court expectation, with athletes also reminded on the importance of our Members and our community connections from day one.

“On Monday in our first session we had one of our Platinum and Foundation Members speak to the group about what Lightning has done for her, there were some really good stories again highlighting the importance of what membership is,” Byrne said.

“It shouldn’t be just about getting a ticket, it should be about that sense of belonging and I really hope that is something Lightning does for our Members.

“The last two years we haven’t had as many home games as we would like and we haven’t had as much of that in person connection with the community.

“We talk about it but it’s really taken a toll because when you do connect with your Members it’s so important to see not only what we mean to them, but what they mean to us.”

Scherian reiterated the importance of Members to everyone at the Club.

“We really do love our Members and this year is extra special, hopefully we’ll have more home games and events and functions,” Scherian said.

“We’ve met some fantastic people through our Members.”

We are LIGHTNING. Become part of the Lightning Family today. Memberships are now on sale.

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