Lightning Building To Finals

The Sunshine Coast Lightning coaching group are instilling calm amongst the group, despite just 3 games standing between the team and a likely fifth consecutive finals berth.

Shooter Cara Koenen said Head Coach Kylee Byrne has the team concentrating on the immediate task at hand and the steps that need to happen rather than just wins and losses.

“It’s hard not to look forward to finals and obviously finishing 1 or 2 gives you that second chance which can be a game changer,” Koenen said.

“The message from the coaches, however, has definitely been to take it one game at a time and to ensure that we’re not outcome focused – we’re instead focused on the process in order to get those wins.”

An ongoing Club philosophy is to ensure the side doesn’t peak too early in the season and Koenen believes the team is on track to execute the Lightning brand in games and produce complete performances as finals draws near.

“Our approach to every game is to do what we can,” Koenen said.

“We want to make sure each time we take to the court we’re better than last time.

“The focus is still on us – we’re building towards finals and we want to make sure we’re peaking at the right time.”

Lightning have promoted Training Partner Binnian Hunt to the squad of 10 against Adelaide Thunderbirds.

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