Court Time Must Be Earned: Byrne

Court time must be earned within the Sunshine Coast Lightning ranks in 2022 and the positional versatility of the athletes will only emphasise the need to remain on task every single week.

With all players across the court able to play in two or three positions, the pressure will be on for the players to perform and demonstrate their hunger across each court, gym session and game.

That internal competition will not only better replicate the Suncorp Super Netball intensity in training sessions but also drive improvement across the squad of 10 and training partners.

“Regardless of past performances and reputations, everyone will competing for that highly sought after court time and there will be no guarantee of anyone being handed it easily,” Head Coach Kylee Byrne said.

“All athletes will have to earn the right to be on court and this will be determined by the work they do in pre-season and the commitment to being better every time we train and play.“

Driving standards will not just be left to the senior players but will be expected across the whole group, with each individual encouraged to voice their opinion and hold themselves and others to account.

“The expectation on our team to do the extras consistently this year and to hold each other to extremely high standards of excellence will be what underlies the final product.”

Byrne’s stacked defence end will keep opposition sides on their toes, with the Coach capable of putting countless different combinations out on court throughout the year.

One thing stands out about the athletes in that area of the court however, is their ability to shut down opponents while equally seeking out creative opportunities to win ball.

“Our game has become so clinical and highly skilled in the attacking elements, so we need thinking defenders who can see opportunities out on court, while also having the instinct to do what they do best,” Byrne said.

“Versatility and working to their strengths within the unit that we have recruited will be even more important this year.

“As long as they all do their jobs and deliver on their potential, this defence end is capable of producing something very exciting.”

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