Sunshine Coast Lightning has revealed its 2024 First Nations dress, to be worn in Round 7 and 13 of the season — both times against the Queensland Firebirds.

The artwork, titled “Toolembi Watama” (Storm dance), was hand-painted by local First Nations artist and proud Kabi Kabi woman, Zartisha Davis.

First Nations artist, Zartisha Davis

Zartisha explains the meaning behind the artwork:

“This piece — Toolembi Watama — represents how the Sunshine Coast Lightning players look like a storm dance when they take the court. It also represents matriarchal Kabi Kabi Country and the women, depicting the business we do — working together, supporting one another, teaching one another, training together and laughing together. It speaks to how the Lightning women conduct their own business within the team and the wider community.

I’ve used shell middens within the artwork which represent the Sunshine Coast and our coastal tribes, as well as hard work, dedication, decision making and teamwork — as the whole tribe worked together to create these huge midden shell by shell. I’ve drawn a circle midden in the centre to reinforce this message, and to also represent the shape of a netball. I’ve used ancestors’ symbols to represent our ancestors watching over and guiding us all. The circular dots represent journey, families, community, and ceremony and meetings, to depict the walk they / we are all on, and how we are always connected on the land.

Zartisha working on the shell middens in the artwork.

At the top is the Toolembi (Storm spirit). The vibrations and power of the Toolembi are the lightning strikes coming down from the sky country, and represent the women in the team, and their power and dedication to the game of netball.”


Sunshine Coast Lightning players will wear the 2024 First Nations dress next weekend for First Nations Round against Queensland Firebirds on Saturday, 25 May at 5pm.

The second week of First Nations Round will take place in Round 13, where Lightning will play the Firebirds again on the 6 July at 7pm.

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