Coach Byrne Grateful For Coaching Brains Trust

Sunshine Coast Lightning’s depth has been a major strength this season but that extends further than just the athletes – with the coaching trio, led by Kylee Byrne, making strides in 2021.

The complementary coaching styles of Byrne, Chris Voge and Vicki Wilson have been a feature and Byrne was quick to acknowledge the talent that surrounds her and how that has made an impact this season.

“I’m extremely lucky,” Byrne said.

“Chris Voge brings a real strategic brain and calmness to this group and all the players have commented on just how influential she is on their game when she’s been with us this year, as well as what she provides Vicki and I.

“She tactically has a fantastic understanding of the game and can transition from the performance analysis side and turn that into information we can use as coaches.”

While Voge’s unique strength is in communicating complex strategies and concepts to the group, Byrne said Wilson drives standards.

“The introduction of Vicki has added another level of work ethic, technical ability,” she said.

“One of Vick’s strengths is to be able to look at a game and tear it apart – particularly the opposition and what we might need to do from that real technical point of view.

“That’s what got her to the top of her game as the world’s best goal shooter and why she was Australian captain – and she’s brought some of that across.

“The players are appreciating again how much hard work goes on behind the scenes.

“The standard never drops with Vicki and I love that – you can sometimes take the foot off the pedal but Vicki doesn’t allow that to happen.”

The knowledge and trust between Byrne, Voge and Wilson undoubtedly plays a role in why the coaching function at Lightning repeatedly gets the best out of its athletes.

With 8 games down, Lightning now look towards the second half of the season with a real appetite for finals.

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