2022 Lightning Team Comes Together

Sunshine Coast Lightning’s team of 2022 are back on deck to begin preparations for a new season but athletes shouldn’t expect an easy or gentle return to play.

Head Coach Kylee Byrne is eager to bring the group together but setting standards is high on the priority list for the Coach, who is looking to set the tone early for Season 6.

“With the starting date of the competition now confirmed, we have a genuine plan to work towards during this pre-season,” Byrne said.

“This week when we all come together it will really be about getting to know each other and establishing the standards within this group.”

Lightning’s side is younger than previous seasons, with physical conditioning the initial focus for the group to ready themselves for a full Suncorp Super Netball season.

“In the gym and at other trainings we will be building a solid foundation physically, so that we can keep adding complexities and challenging all athletes ahead of the upcoming season,” she said.

Byrne said there is real excitement amongst the group with Lightning mainstays Laura Scherian, Steph Wood, Cara Koenen, Mahalia Cassidy and Kate Shimmin joined by new faces including Tara Hinchliffe, Reilley Batcheldor and Annie Miller.

While South African national Karla Pretorius and fellow international Kadie-Ann Dehaney will join the group later in the pre-season.

“With change always comes a sense of nervousness with excitement and I’m sure between now and Christmas we will see everyone challenging themselves and each other to see what we can accomplish,” she said.

“We are all excited about what this next phase in Lightning’s life looks and feels like and this group is ready to give it everything.”

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