Wood Keen To Return To Court

Steph Wood is eagerly awaiting the moment she can reunite with her Sunshine Coast Lightning teammates on court.

The shooter admits to missing the comradery and competitiveness that accompany court sessions or group training in the gym.

“We play a team sport for a reason. So, for me personally, training in isolation took time to adjust to, because I do rely on my teammates for extra motivation,” Wood said.

“But I’ve been checking in with them regularly – zoom chats and seeing everyone’s faces each week definitely helps.

“We all thrive and feed off each other for motivation and that competitiveness will come out in training when we get back out on court together – something I cannot wait to do.

“There’s an energy and banter in sessions, which is lacking while in isolation.

“So, when we get the green light to return to group sessions, I think it will lift the mood even more.”

Under the current player agreement, no group training sessions are permitted up until at least 31 May 2020, in addition to Clubs adhering to state governmental restrictions.

Wood said she has used her time productively in isolation, trying to frame the time away from the Club as an opportunity instead of a hindrance.

“Over the past few months I’ve tried to switch my focus,” she said.

“Instead of viewing this time away from the Club as a negative, I see it as an opportunity. Another lead in to the 2020 pre-season.

“Time we wouldn’t normally have to identify skills or areas for improvement before we hit the ground running.”

An announcement from the Super Netball League around the 2020 season is imminent.