Ticketing FAQs

When and where can I buy tickets?

More information will be released to our Members and Fans early next week regarding ticket on-sales.


If I am a reserved seat Member (Diamond, Platinum or Gold Members), the seat I have been allocated for the 2020 season is this where I sit?

Due to COVID-19 and the requirements for social distancing within the stadium our reserved seat Member seats will slightly change for the 2020 season.


Where will my new seat be allocated for each game?

Due to COVID-19 regulations we need to ensure social distancing requirements are upheld and therefore Sunshine Coast Lightning Membership staff will allocate your seat as close to your previous or existing reserved seat as possible.


As a reserved seat Member, do I utilise my Member card to access the stadium?

No. Reserved seat Members will be sent an email and text message prior to each game to confirm their attendance and will then receive a ticket via email with their seat allocation for the game.


As a reserved seat member do, I get access to all games played at USC Stadium?

Sunshine Coast Lightning reserved seat members will only get a reserved seat for Lightning’s 7 home games only at USC Stadium. The games that Lightning are playing at USC Stadium and are the away team all Lightning Members will need to buy tickets for these games.


Am I able to purchase tickets for games that are at USC Stadium and Lightning are either the away team or not playing?

Lightning Members and Fans will be able to purchase tickets in the general public window  through our normal system provider (Fortis) for these games. Sunshine Coast Lightning will communicate with our Members and fans when these tickets go on sale.


How many people will be able to attend Sunshine Coast Lightning 2020 home games?

A COVID Safe plan is being completed with Queensland Government and the seating capacity of the stadium will be in line with Government advice.


If I am a Supporter or Supporter Plus Member, am I guaranteed a ticket?

A limited number of tickets for purchase will be released to Supporter Plus Members exclusively first in line with their membership benefits. This will be honoured on a first in, first served basis. Membership will not guarantee tickets, so we recommend getting in quickly! An email will be sent to Members with more information prior to tickets going on sale.


What are the different Member priority buying windows for the 2020 season?

For the 2020 Season, the following Member priority buying windows will take place:

  • Supporter Plus Members will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in a designated priority buying window. A limited number of tickets will be released to Supporter Plus Members and will be honoured on a first in first served basis.

This will be a Supporter Plus Members’ exclusive buying window and only one ticket per Membership can be purchased per game.

  • Supporter Members will have a buying window prior to the general public



When purchasing tickets will I get to select my seats?

No. When purchasing tickets for the 2020 season there will only be one category available. There will be the option of Adult, Junior, Concession and Family tickets available and you will need to select how many seats you would like to purchase.


Once seats are purchased you will receive an email to confirm the purchase and 3 days prior to the game you will receive an email with your tickets sent with your allocated seat/s.


Why can I not select my seats when purchasing tickets?

Due to the reduced capacity of the stadium and the regulations regarding COVID-19, seats will be allocated by the Sunshine Coast Lightning Membership Staff. It will be allocated on a first in first serve basis when purchasing tickets.


If you require particular seating due to accessibility requirements, please call 1300 544 486 after purchasing your tickets.


How do Members organise seats together?

To ensure you are seated together, please have all Member barcodes handy. During your Member pre-sale window, key in all Members’ barcodes to unlock the ability to purchase tickets. Your barcode is displayed on your Member card.


Make sure you have your barcode numbers ready! If you have not received your Membership card, please contact us on 1300 544 486.


Can Members in different categories purchase seats together in the same window?

Members in different categories can purchase seats together in the same window however depending on what type of Membership you have will depend on which priority buying window you can purchase.

  • Supporter Plus Member priority buying window

Only Supporter Plus Members can purchase in this window

  • Supporter Members

Supporter Plus and Supporter Members can purchase in this window with Supporter Members.


How many tickets can I purchase with a family Membership?

Lightning’s Family Memberships can consist of two adults and two juniors or one adult and three juniors.


How do I upgrade or change my Membership package?

To upgrade or change your Membership package, please contact the Lightning on 1300 544 486.


How many tickets can I buy in one transaction?

Supporter Plus Pre-Sale: One ticket per Member, per match – up to 6 Members per transaction.

Supporter Members pre-sale: One ticket per Member, per match – up to 6 Members per transaction

General Public on sale: 2 to 6 tickets per transaction.


How do I purchase accessible seating?

Please call us on 1300 544 486 to arrange accessible seating.


How much will tickets cost?

More information on the ticket prices for games will be released closer to each on sale.


How will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be supplied via e-ticket (email).


Will there be last minute tickets available?

As the event date approaches, the venue may release any unsold or previously held tickets.


Why are last minute tickets released?

The team or league may no longer need the tickets that were contractually held when the event originally went on sale. At times, tickets may become available closer to the event for public on sale.


How do I qualify for a concession ticket?

To qualify for a concession ticket, customers must hold one of the following forms of identification; Pension card (aged, single parent or disability), Student card (full-time only) or Veterans Affairs concession card. Health care cards and Seniors cards do not qualify.


How do I get in contact with the Lightning Membership team?

If you need to contact the team you can call us on 1300 544 486 or email