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Learning Intention

Physical Skills: Movement, reaction, passing and catching

Physical Fitness: General endurance, strength and balance

Knowledge/Understanding: Timing, Vision, Decision Making

Social: Working together, enjoyment, communication and participation

When to Use

Whole group activity, small groups


6 Players and 3 netballs
Middle workers pass one ball between each other
Throwers on the outside pass into the middle player in a zigzag formation, after they have thrown the middle ball
Middle workers receive this pass and pass to the other side of the zig zag before receiving the middle ball again
Keep developing timing and moving the 3 balls between the group in the pattern for a short period


Vary the speed and length of time they practice depending on their ability

Shorten the area for quick short passes

Extend the area and use a shoulder pass in the activity instead

Coaching Points

Workers need to use peripheral vision to see the passes coming in from the side rather than turning their whole body each time

Assist with catching and throwing technique for players throughout

Players need to use teamwork and communicate on who the ball is travelling to

This project has received support from the Sunshine Coast Councils Sports Industry Development grant that was awarded through the Australian and Queensland Governments under the 2019 Queensland Bushfires Local Economic Recovery Program. The Program was established to support projects that contribute to the economic and/or social recovery of the communities most heavily impacted by the Queensland Bushfires, and reduces the impact of future events on the community.