Suncorp Super Netball Introduce Two New Rules For 2020

The Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) Commission has announced two official rule changes ahead of the 2020 Season.

After extensive post-season analysis and ongoing trials in the 2019 Team Girls Cup and Australian Netball League season, rolling substitutions and extra time will be introduced in all SSN games in 2020.

The changes are expected to be embraced by fans, with 63% voting in support of the rolling substitutions in a SSN led post-season survey and 80% voting in favour of extra times, after six SSN matches were drawn in 2019.

What do the rule changes mean?

Rolling substitutions:

Teams will now be allowed to make substitutions during play – not just during stoppages and intervals.

There will be no limit to the number of rolling substitutions a team can make, and multiple substitutions can be made at any one time.

Players must observe the offside rules as they enter or exit the court and must not interfere with the umpire’s movements during the change.

The substitution will take place when the two players tag hands, with the outgoing player being required to leave the court before the second player enters the field of play.

If any infringement is made during a substitution, a free pass will be given where the ball is when the interference or offside entry / exit occurs.

Extra Time:

If two teams are tied at the end of regulation time, extra time will be called.

After a 90 second break, the two sides will enter into five minutes of extra time.

Teams will not swap ends and the centre pass will follow on.

During the regular season if scores are tied at the end of the five minute period, it will be declared a draw. If one team leads by one or more goal, they will be declared the winner.

Goals scored during extra time will not figure into bonus point calculations for the fourth quarter.

In a final, if scores are tied after five minutes of extra time, play will continue without a break until one team has a two goal advantage. That team will be declared the winner of the final.

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