Rolling Substitutions To Compliment Lightning’s Depth

The introduction of rolling substitutions will only strengthen a Sunshine Coast Lightning squad that prides itself on its depth.

“I think rolling substitutions are going to be a strength of ours this year,” Byrne said.

“In all four games we have trialled rolling subs I think it’s something we can really use – we are going to put some strategy around it, as well.

“Because all ten players for us are capable of playing on this court, we think it’s a positive.”

Opposition sides were given a taste of Lightning’s positional versatility last season with Peace Proscovia and Cara Koenen often sharing Goal Shooting duties, or experimenting with differing mobile and tall goal circle units alongside Steph Wood.

Meanwhile in defence Maddy McAuliffe and Jacqui Russell both impressed throughout the season at Wing Defence.

The fluidity that rolling substitutions allow will only broaden Byrne’s strategic arsenal.

“It’s really hard to actually coach against and plan against,” Byrne said.

“At any given time you could have Peace Proscovia as an opponent, or the next minute you could have Cara Koenen, which is two totally different challenges for goal keepers out there.

“We can do that the whole way down the court, particularly through our mid-court, Laura Langman, Jacqui Russell, Madeline McAuliffe and Laura Scherian can all run in centre which gives us such versatility.

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