QLD Mens Perfect Preparation For Season Proper

A physical contest ensued when Sunshine Coast Lightning invited the QLD Mens netball side to USC Stadium as part of final training preparations on the weekend.

Lightning defeated the QLD Mens side by 11 points in the full four quarter match, which allowed for the home team to replicate in-season game day protocols in a competitive environment.

Lightning Captain Laura Langman rated the QLD Mens side as the ideal opponent in the lead up to the rescheduled Suncorp Super Netball competition restart due to their natural athleticism.

“What I love about the men’s team is they are like three teams in one – they have that aerial aspect, they have the speed and they have that flair with the pass,” Langman said.

“You have to use your game smarts because athletically they are naturally bigger, better, stronger, faster than us.

“In that last quarter it was interesting to see the momentum shifts and that’s something you can’t replicate too much in training.

“It was a huge opportunity for us to trial how we want to finish quarters when a team gets on a roll, there’s so many scenarios that game play is crucial for, so we ticked a lot of boxes today.”

Trialling the incoming rolling substitution and super shot rules were also implemented in Sunday’s game.

Head Coach Kylee Byrne said there were plenty of learnings from the match but Lightning’s central focus remains on their own structures and strategy as opposed to any new rulings.

“To have a full hit out against the bigger bodies, the more physical movement, it’s exactly what we needed and I’m really happy with today,” Byrne said.

“We know we still have time to build and not having pre-season matches has been tough, so today was really important.

“We got the opportunity to try the rolling subs and this new super shot rule, and that is what today was about.

“We’re still working on our main structures, attack and defence, but ‘what do these new rules mean for us?’ We got to pull that apart on Sunday.”

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