Proscovia Eager For Townsville Trip

Peace Proscovia believes Sunshine Coast Lightning’s sole ‘away’ trip for 2020 will be a bonding experience that will set them up well for a strong performance against Collingwood Magpies.

While Lightning have benefited from the Suncorp Super Netball being based in Queensland this season, there are elements to the away trips that have certainly been missed.

“In a team sport there is nothing so powerful as bonding and travelling together as a team, it is a great thing that will aid with our confidence,” Proscovia said.

Lightning are coming off an eight goal win in last weekend’s Queensland derby while Collingwood Magpies have not secured a win since Round 3 against the Firebird outfit.

However that does not mean the Lightning are taking their opponent lightly with just two games remaining until the 2020 finals series.

“As we are headed to Townsville I think as a team the major thing we’re focusing on is us and what we can do best,” she said.

“Moving into this stage it is a critical stage and that is what we know.

“As a team we are going to head into the game strong, focusing on nailing all the basics we can.

“It is going to be tough but I believe in our strengths and that we can do what is needed to win this game.”

For Proscovia, the task at hand is to work in conjunction with her fellow shooters to capitalise early and create scoreboard pressure.

On taking to the court the shooter will have officially played in her 200th National League Match, which is an incredible milestone to achieve.