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Learning Intention

Physical Skills: Movement, reaction, passing and catching

Physical Fitness: General endurance, speed, agility and balance

Knowledge/Understanding: Timing

Social: Working together, enjoyment, communication and participation

When to Use

Whole group activity, small group or pairs training


Pairs standing side by side 3m away from a wall with one ball
1. Workers pass off the wall and move left, other worker moves left to catch, then both work to the right, keep this pattern going for 20 passes as a pair
2. Workers pass off the wall and move back, other worker moves forward to catch, keep this pattern going for 20 passes as a pair 3. Worker passes ball hard into the crease where the wall and floor meet to create a reaction pass the other worker collects, change roles and keep this pattern going for 20 passes

Pairs one worker standing 1 m facing wall the other standing 3 m from wall behind them
1. Back worker passes the ball hard off the wall for close worker to react to and catch – 10 each
2. Add as the front person takes and turns to back worker on a lead down the court


Number of passes and work rate depending on age

Challenge players by adjusting how close they are to the wall

Coaching Points

Use of correct technique for chest and shoulder passes

Ensure hands are ready and a strong 2 hand take of the ball

Players need to use short, sharp footwork movement to get to the b all, rather than reaching for it

This project has received support from the Sunshine Coast Councils Sports Industry Development grant that was awarded through the Australian and Queensland Governments under the 2019 Queensland Bushfires Local Economic Recovery Program. The Program was established to support projects that contribute to the economic and/or social recovery of the communities most heavily impacted by the Queensland Bushfires, and reduces the impact of future events on the community.