Member Moments: What Makes Being A Member So Special

We asked some of our loyal Members what it means to be part of the Lightning family.

Jason, Deb and Myf opened up on their initial attraction to the Club, the game day experience and what they value most about having a team competing in a national elite sporting competition, based on the Sunshine Coast.

Read their full responses below in the third instalment of Member Moments. 

Why did you become a Lightning Member?

Jason: Netball is an amazing sport. I have played it and followed it for 20 years. When the announcement was made that USC was partnering in establishing a team for the national competition, I was in! I wanted to show my support and be part of this great new venture.

Deb: I love netball. I was so excited to have a local team – and was very excited to have Noeline as Coach (excited for Kylee too) and great players.

Myf: Because they signed Karla Mostert (now Pretorius) my favourite player, the first player picked was the ginger ninja Steph Wood which was a great move and Laura Langman sacrificed her international career to join. Taurua was the first non-Australian coach, CBass left her home state to chase a Premiership (& got it!), Mentor and Scherian were both picked after being discarded by other clubs, Kelsey Browne stepped out of her sister’s shadow – it really was a team of beginnings in every aspect. They really evolved their team but also the individual players to a higher level.

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What is your favourite non-game day Lightning memory (an event, a player meet and greet etc)?

Jason: I think my favourite non-game day memories when I think of Lightning are the interactions with the players and the rest of the team. The team photo days have been a great experience and the team do such a great job of making me feel like I belong. But just getting to chat with players and see how approachable and down to earth they are is very reassuring.

Deb: I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to go to events, they often clash with work. We did go to the 2018 Awards Night function and we had a great night.

Myf: When they finally picked Karla Mostert (now Pretorius)

Why was it important for you to Pledge your Lightning Membership?

Jason: Pledging a Platinum membership is no small decision, particularly with the current uncertainty in the employment market. When I think about pledging my membership to the Club, I am trying to look at the whole picture. I know that there is not a lot of money compared to other sports and I want to see the competition continue to rise and grow. I have seen the players and staff taking cuts to ensure that happens and when I look at my membership, I guess I look at it in the same context. The money I have spent on membership can be pledged to the continuation and sustaining of an important Club during what is a difficult time for all of us.

Deb: We have to make sure Lightning continues on in the future.

Myf: Lightning has a culture of involvement and show that believing in a player that may have not been picked, that may have been let go by an opposition side, or aren’t a big name, that doesn’t mean that they can’t still be valuable. I also support women’s sport and netball sets the yardstick for all women’s sport in the world. Because of netball, cricket and football players have better deals, they showed what could be achieved. Lightning are also the only regional based team in the competition.

Why do you think fans should sign up as a Member?

Jason: Because they are missing out if they don’t! This is still only the early years of something really very special with the Sunshine Coast Lightning Club and I truly believe that we are at the early stages of something very historic. There is a magic in that, and I think everyone should want to be a part of it.

Deb: Netball is such a great game and we have our own local team competing in a national competition. The Lightning is a great team and, as Members, we are all part of that team.

Myf: It’s a personal investment in our team.

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