Member Moments: Our Club, Our History

We asked some of our loyal Members what it means to be part of the Lightning family.

Jason, Deb and Myf opened up on their initial attraction to the Club, the game day experience and what they value most about having a team competing in a national elite sporting competition, based on the Sunshine Coast.

Read their full responses below in the first instalment of Member Moments. 


How long have you been a Lighting Member?

Jason: Since day one! I bought my platinum membership on Monday 5th December 2016 and have been a member since.

Deb: I am a Foundation Member (from the minute memberships were first available!) since 2017

Myf: Since the start – 2017


What does the Club mean to you?

Jason: Sunshine Coast Lightning as a Club is very important to me. It exemplifies the passion I have for the sport of netball and does so in a way that resonates with my values. The athletes are elite sportspeople, but the culture of the Club is down to earth and embodies family and community very authentically. For a regular person like myself this is really special, because I feel even though I am not a big corporate investor or someone influential in the sporting sector, my passion and my interest is really valued by the club.

Deb: I feel like a Member – Lightning makes Members feel special. I am so proud to be a Member of the Sunshine Coast Lightning. The coast has a successful team of great role models for our young, aspiring players, My granddaughters are all just starting netball and they tell everything they follow Lightning (and not another SSN team in Queensland).

Myf: The club is evolving all the time, they don’t give up, they play as a team week in, week out and I love watching the future of Australian netball.


Describe Lightning in three or four words.

Jason: If I were to describe Lightning with a few words, I would do so to describe what I believe they constantly strive for: Authenticity, Community, Excellence. Authentic in person, community minded, and striving for only the best on court.

Deb: Friendly, involved, approachable and talented.

Myf: Amazing, athletic, the best (this was actually answered by my 8-year-old son but I agree)


Who is your favourite player and why?

Jason: Ouch! A favourite? As people they are all so special and amazing that I couldn’t pick one! As a defender myself, I obviously watch Karla Pretorius in constant awe and admiration at what she manages to do so consistently on court. But Lauz is a machine in centre, and Shez with her cannon passes, and Maddy and Jac with their grit… the way Steph floats around the circle and bombs shots from anywhere… should I just mention everyone? I couldn’t pick a favourite, they all bring so much… I think that is what really makes the team so special!

Deb: Laura Langman, she is just simply a superstar (a netball goddess) and Karla Pretorius, she plays like a magician!

Myf: Karla Mostert / Pretorius – she’s the best GD in the world. Most intercepts and deflections in the Sydney World Cup in an unheralded (at the time) team. I couldn’t understand why other teams hadn’t picked her up earlier, other than the fact that she goes about her work quietly and without fanfare. While we were watching the games both myself and my netty buddy Jo said that’s the best GD we’ve seen. Karla reads the play like no one else, she defends the ball from the player rather than just the player with the ball. Sitting between Mentor and Langman she still stood out and then excelled.


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