Member Moments: Game Day Excitement

We asked some of our loyal Members what it means to be part of the Lightning family.

Jason, Deb and Myf opened up on their initial attraction to the Club, the game day experience and what they value most about having a team competing in a national elite sporting competition, based on the Sunshine Coast.

Read their full responses below in the second instalment of Member Moments. 

What was your favourite Lightning game?

Jason: Oh wow, I couldn’t pick just one. There have been so many great games! I was so lucky to be there for the two Grand Final wins. The win in Perth was very special. For me I think it is more about the energy. The 2017 elimination final against the Queensland Firebirds had an electric Sunny Coast atmosphere (Queensland LIGHTNING), and the more recent semi-final comeback against the Swifts had me out of my seat for the last quarter. I love the fight that the team shows and how much our vocal support can help get them across the line.

Deb: Can I say all of them? If I had to choose, I would say the 2017 Grand Final.

Myf: The 2018 Minor Semi Final against Queensland Firebirds and then the Preliminary Final against the GIANTS Netball (that’s two games, but honestly that whole finals series was amazing).

How do you feel when you’re surrounded by cheering fans at USC Stadium on game day?

Jason: It is amazing! I have never experienced anything like it. I have been at big games in other sports, NRL, NBL, MLB and while there have been big moments of excitement, I don’t recall it ever being as frenetic and exciting for as long as it is in an SSN game. With USC Stadium being so intimate, the excitement and the noise of the crowd is just unbelievable! People who haven’t experienced it are really missing out.

Deb: It’s a great atmosphere and you can feel the excitement in the crowd.

Myf: Exhilarated

What are you most excited for in Season 2020?

Jason: There are so many things to look forward to! I want to see how deadly Phumza and Peace become with an SSN season under their belts. I think Steph is going to have a big year and people will be talking about a comeback (like she ever left!). I think most of all I am excited to see what flavour Kylee in her first year as Head Coach will bring to the team. After back to back titles and a Minor Premiership this team has already shown the quality they have, but I just know that they are hungry for the return and will be playing like they have something to prove. I love that and can’t wait to see it on court.

Deb: Hopefully getting to the stadium to watch games – this is our first season as Platinum Members.

Myf: The development of players such as McAuliffe and Koenen and how Coach Byrne evolves this season. Could she be the next Australian Coach? She’ll be the coach that ensures we keep strong women in the sport of netball, especially in regional Queensland.

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