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Learning Intention

Physical Skills: Leading, Landing, pivoting, passing

Physical Fitness: General, speed, agility and balance

Knowledge/Understanding:Rules, teamwork, decision making

Social:Interaction, enjoyment, communication and participation

When to Use

Movement activity with lots of passing included


Line up players in 2 groups, 1 line of thrower, 1 line of workers (change over after a couple of sets)

Players drive to each thrower, back to the middle and then to the next thrower

Each thrower can have a different type of balls – ie netball, tennis, bean bag, footy etc


Add some throwers fake the ball instead of throwing it, worker must drive all the way in then and touch the ball still in throwers hands

Add throwers to the left and right side (staggered like a zig zag), so workers have to use a strong change of direction

Challenge the distance to drive or pass as they improve

Coaching Points

Ensure workers are driving hard onto the pass and don’t stop early

Using two hands on the catch and accuracy on each pass

Encourage workers to use sharp movements in their drives not wide curving movements

Ensure vision and body angles to the ball/passer each time

This project has received support from the Sunshine Coast Councils Sports Industry Development grant that was awarded through the Australian and Queensland Governments under the 2019 Queensland Bushfires Local Economic Recovery Program. The Program was established to support projects that contribute to the economic and/or social recovery of the communities most heavily impacted by the Queensland Bushfires, and reduces the impact of future events on the community.