Lightning Training Regime Targets Key Focus Areas

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and Head Coach Kylee Byrne believes giving her players a real break from netball in the offseason has reignited the fire in the belly leading into 2020.

Lightning made a conscious effort to evaluate each player after Season 2019 to identify their needs and create a program that will best serve the individual, as well as the team.

“It’s been a really different offseason so far for them, but the great thing is they are all really passionate about returning now,” Byrne said.

“We’ve given them some real time away from netball after what has been a really big three years.

“They are all knocking down the doors to come in and start pre-season, but we are keeping them in the gym for the moment.”

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As the athletes have returned to Sippy Downs, strength and conditioning staff have been working in conjunction with Byrne to give each player a clear focus area.

“The players are training three to four times in the gym at the moment and there’s some conditioning work as well,” she said.

“Everyone has a certain focus area – that could be speed, it could be elevation and power or it could be getting fitter and stronger.

“Everyone has something really individual to work on and all of our staff are tailoring programs to their individual needs.”

While the training sessions are largely personalised at this stage of the program, Laura Langman said the players were under no illusion of what’s expected come the new year.

“We’ve got a four week block heading into Christmas where we are largely getting back into things and doing base line testing,” Langman said.

“It’s been a real treat to have the flexibility in our pre-season program, and know that we have certain benchmarks that we need to meet when we come back in January.

“One of my big aims is always to make sure I do as much groundwork as I can in this part of the year.

“But also to ensure that I get through 100% healthy and niggle free – so far so good, touch wood!”

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