Langman Elated By Championship Win

The shine of the Vitality Netball World Cup Gold Medal remains front of mind for Captain Laura Langman but she’s excited to delve back into the Suncorp Super Netball competition this weekend.

Captaining the Silver Ferns to their first VNWC championship in 16 years, the midcourter knows the win will be cherished by the entire nation.

“It’s been a stellar moment for every Kiwi that watches netball but I’m really keen to get back into Suncorp [Super Netball],” Langman said.

“[How?] That’s the million dollar question, I think Noels [Taurua] definitely is a huge contributor to that.

“What she was able to create, her and Debbie [Fuller] in the 11 months was pretty special – watching players pretty much transform, to be honest.

“Everyone had a different journey to get to that moment the other day and I think that will be most memorable for players.”

The 33-year-old credits the squad’s consistency – especially in the final three games against Australia, England and Australia again – as the key difference from New Zealand’s past results competing internationally.

“We took every game as it came, we weren’t concerned about the margins those first five days,” she said.

“What I was most proud of is that we were able to front up in that round robin game against Australia and then back it up.

“We were renowned for these one-hit wonders and then going MIA.

“The fact that we held for three games on the trot – I think that’s a massive sign of what New Zealand is going to be in years to come.”

Now the VNWC is officially over, Langman’s attention has quickly turned to Lightning and she believes her body has recovered well despite the rigorous tournament in Liverpool.

“I’m pretty stoked to come out of the World Cup in one piece, the body feels great and I’m looking forward to getting back into Suncorp and getting my feet back on the ground,” she said.

The entire Lightning squad reunited for their first training session post the VNWC this morning.

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