Hostplus Sustained Performer

Sunshine Coast Lightning and Hostplus are celebrating Sustained Performers in our latest video series, beginning with our Road to the 2020 Finals campaign.

For the team at Hostplus, sustained performance means delivering strong investment returns to their members over the long term.  It’s the same for the Lightning,  It’s not just one great game – it’s about consistently bringing your best, game after game, season after season.  

Go behind the scenes with Lightning below…

Sunshine Coast Lightning Road To Finals 2020

Our journey so far has been filled with hard work, passion and a whole lot of heart! The next chapter begins… 

Hostplus Sustained Performer: Karla Pretorius

It takes a holistic approach to life for Karla to perform at her best and to be a sustained performer.

Hostplus Sustained Performer: Kylee Byrne 

 “We always have to be pushing – it’s not just about this year, it’s about three years or five years down the track.” Kylee Byrne

Hostplus Sustained Performer: Laura Langman

We speak to Lauz about her philosophy and approach to netball and how she has stayed mentally and physically fit throughout her 18 year career.

Hostplus: How Data & Mental Preparations Drives Sustained Performance 

The data, the analysis, the psychology provides a foundation for any successful team. We speak to our Psychologist and Performance Analyst on how their roles contribute to Lightning’s sustained performance.