Disappointment Fuels Lightning’s Motivation For Self-Improvement

Thunderbirds beware. A wounded Lightning will leave no stone unturned in preparation for this weekend’s game.

Disappointment in their performance against Vixens in round six has seen the player’s motivation soar at training this week.

In fact, Assistant Coach Kylee Byrne thinks it’s been their best week behind the scenes so far in 2019.

“They should be [worried], Tuesday’s training was the best one I’ve seen this year,” Byrne said.

“The girls were really disappointed in that performance and that’s actually the biggest motivation for this team.

“They’re disappointed in themselves and they’re disappointed in what they put out on the court. Look out Thunderbirds.”

Lightning were stagnant at times against a niggling Vixens outfit, so rectifying that ball movement has been a focus during the week.

during the round three Super Netball match between the Thunderbirds and the Lightning at Priceline Stadium on March 5, 2017 in Adelaide, Australia.

“We really looked back at our skills and our movement around the court and found we were too stationary, and we weren’t being as creative and smart as we normally are,” she said.

“We have that real self-belief in our smarts, we just didn’t execute it at all.

“This week has been a lot of movement, a lot of passing the ball and driving to a space to create something and I have to say they’ve delivered very well on it.”

Being fast and fluid across the court will also benefit Lightning when they face Adelaide on Saturday.

“We’ve got to have some real speed through our court – they (Thunderbirds) rely on their defensive game and turning over ball, they’re extremely aerial, they will want everything lifted,” she said.

“But we want hard, flat movements, we want cuts to the ball, we want to find space, and just make the ball move, so that’s been our theme this week.”

Accountability and supporting teammates has been a real focus at training, according to Jacqui Russell.

“We have had a really solid week of training this week,” Russell said.

“There were a few things we wanted to look at after our performance on the weekend, we were disappointed in how we executed throughout in patches of the game.

“There’s been a big emphasis on making sure you’re taking ownership of making yourself available for the ball and making yourself an option throughout the court, so people aren’t isolated or stressed… when they’ve got the ball in hand.”

The Wing Defence has been impactful in recent weeks coming off the bench in rotation with fellow defender Maddy McAuliffe.