Byrne Has Big Plans To Elevate Lightning’s Game

The initial foundations have been set at Sunshine Coast Lightning.

Three successful seasons in the Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) – the product of hard work, skill and determination from a talented collection of coaches, players and staff.

However, this Club does not rest on its laurels.

Head Coach Kylee Byrne is eyeing the opportunity to build and evolve the Lightning way to be even more competitive in 2020, in what will be her first year at the helm.

“We will build on that foundation we’ve had for three years but there will be my flavour through it,” Byrne said.

“We have such smart and experienced athletes in our team and we all want to be better than this year.

“We have such belief in each other that no one is settling and taking for granted the last three years, we can keep challenging in all areas.

“Whether it’s skills or tactical plans, I will be looking to improve in all areas of the court, individually and as a team.”

Lightning fans can expect to see new layers of game strategy added to the team’s arsenal next season, to further combat a diverse array of opposition.

Tapping into the squad’s positional depth may also be on the agenda, according to by Byrne.

“[You can expect to see more] versatility – we might consider experimenting more with people in different positions and taking on new challenges on court,” she said.

“We have got to be a bit different, as Minor Premiers everyone is still going to be hunting for us, even though we didn’t win that Grand Final.

“When we come up against anyone, they are going to think about what they have seen in the past three years, but there will be some differences.”

Byrne inherits the same ten-athlete squad that led Lightning to the 2019 Grand Final, in what is a strong endorsement of the former Assistant Coach.

That innate knowledge of the group and the pre-existing relationships will only further strengthen Lightning next season, as they continue to build on their combinations.

“I know these athletes inside and out and the fact that they put their faith in me to carry on from Noeline Taurua’s first three really successful years, it’s a really great vote of confidence,” she said.

“We don’t have to start from scratch with anyone, I don’t have to get to know anyone, I know how they are going to come in and we will just continue to build.

“I can’t wait to get started, they are going to come back and hopefully be bigger and better than last year.

“That’s an absolute strength [of the team].”