Learning Intention

Physical Skills: Agility, speed, reaction, passing and catching

Physical Fitness: General endurance, speed, agility and balance

Knowledge/Understanding: Attacking and defending

Social: Interaction, being a team member, competition, enjoyment, communication and participation

When to Use

Whole group activity, small group or individual training


3 cones set up in a triangle 2m apart, using 3 different colours

Thrower calls a combination on 3 colours, worker moves to the combination using sharp footwork as quickly as possible, keep eyes and body facing thrower

Work the 3 colour combination for 30secs, change roles


Thrower passes on the last colour of combination

Keep changing the colour combination and change to 4 or 5 combinations

Use a pass and change to a reaction ball

Add a defender to delay and deny workers movements

Coaching Points

Quick and effective movements with smart use of change of direction

Keep head up to have vision of the thrower

Ensure players are balanced and using correct passing and catching technique

When players are defending ensure they are sticking close to their opposition player but not contacting

This project has received support from the Sunshine Coast Councils Sports Industry Development grant that was awarded through the Australian and Queensland Governments under the 2019 Queensland Bushfires Local Economic Recovery Program. The Program was established to support projects that contribute to the economic and/or social recovery of the communities most heavily impacted by the Queensland Bushfires, and reduces the impact of future events on the community.