2021 Scherian’s ‘Favourite’ Lightning Pre-Season

The 2021 Sunshine Coast Lightning pre-season program may be a hard slog, but consummate professional Laura Scherian is enjoying every session and every new challenge.

The High Performance and Coaching teams have implemented a different training format from previous years and the midcourter is feeling the difference.

“This has actually been my favourite pre-season of all the years at Lightning,” Scherian said.

“We’ve switched it up a bit, we’re all super keen and loving the structure – we’re feeling fit and strong.”

The elite midcourter will have opposition players feeling wary ahead of Season 2021, with Scherian focusing her attention on increasing her speed and agility in recent months.

The 32-year-old already led the league in Centre Pass Receives last season and often features in the top echelon of players for Goal Assists.

“Personally, for myself, I’m really working on building my speed and agility,” she said.  

“Having that base coming in, Mark McKean our Strength and Conditioning Coach can then fine tune the little things we want to work on, which he has been doing.

“All of our programs have been really individuals and we’re all enjoying the pre-season.”

Fellow midcourter Maddy McAuliffe’s focus has been on finessing established connections and building combinations with new recruits Mahalia Cassidy and Kate Shimmin.

“February, I find, is always the toughest month, you really start to get some kilometres in the legs and get back out on court,” McAuliffe said.

“I really enjoy this time of the season, especially with the new players, we’ve done some strong bonding there.

“It’s our time as a Club where we really get to know each other, establishing those connections, it’s really exciting.”

 Lightning’s first opportunity to really test those combinations will come in the form of a practice match against Queensland Firebirds next Thursday.

Meeting mid-way between the two clubs’ home bases for a competitive hitout will be exciting for athletes and fans alike but McAuliffe is remaining level-headed about the objectives in game ahead.  

“Firebirds are always a great team to play – I’m excited to get down to Morayfield and have a game against them for the first hitout for the year,” she said.

“As much as you always want to put out a good performance on court, it is also our first match.

“So we are hoping to put out a good performance but it is more a benchmark to see where we are at for the year.”

Lightning will go head-to-head with Queensland Firebirds at Morayfield Sports & Events Centre on Thursday 25 February 2021. Tickets are on sale now.