10 for 10 with #8

Maddy McAuliffe

Sleep in or up early?

I am up early but I wish I could sleep in!

Game day breakfast?

I usually have muesli and yogurt and then have toast later on in the day. If I have toast for breakfast then it is too much toast for one day.

How do you spend game day?

I try and keep busy until lunch time, then I will go out and have coffee and catch up with people. In the afternoon, I rest, watch movies or sport if it is on TV and do nothing! I try not to watch too much netball in one day.

Nervous or excited before a match?

A bot of both.

What’s in your kit bag?

Nothing exciting! All the normal stuff. Always pack a change of clothes. I have shampoo and conditioner, earphones which I never use and all the usual items.

Favourite pump up song?

Whatever ‘E’ (Erena Mikaere) puts on in the changeroom. I just go with that. The side always listens to “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker at least once before the match.

Speak or silent in the changeroom?

I am not quiet but I am not revving everyone up. I go with the flow.

Key message before the match starts?

My dad always told me to “run hard, don’t stop” but that is not my message as it is not applicalble to netball at all! I just try and enjoy the moment.

Most exciting thing about playing netball?

A combination of the competitive thrill of playing and the friends you form off court.

Post-match recovery?