10 for 10 with #7

Erena Mikaere

Sleep in or up early?

Up early.

Game day breakfast?

Eggs and avocado on toast. I must have muesli with yoghurt and some chocolate or milo. I’ll have juice too.

How do you spend game day?

I’ll have breakfast then be active. It may be a walk or a trip to the beach to chill out. I then have lunch followed by a nap – usually an hour long. Once I’m up I’ll get my hair ready then get to the game.

Nervous or excited before a match?

Definitely excited! Sometimes I get nervous depending on the match.

What’s in your kit bag?

I always pack two pairs of netball shoes. I don’t decide which ones I’ll wear until I get to the match. I have a boom box as I’m on the sounds. I pack lots of medication – that takes up most of the room! There’s a change of clothes including 10 pairs of socks!

 Favourite pump up song?

I like Hip hop, rap or RnB.

Speak or silent in the changeroom?

I’m the one with the music so I’m always speaking. You can’t make me NOT speak!

Key message before the match starts?

“Just play”.

Most exciting thing about playing netball?

Playing every day. Seeing friends every day. Trying to get better.

Post-match recovery?

Ice baths. I like cryotherapy but I haven’t done that in a while. Food, food, food and chocolate milk.