10 for 10 with #6

Cara Koenen

Sleep in or up early?

I won’t set an alarm. My body clock will wake me up early.

Game day breakfast?

I love Weet-Bix. I am a big kid so I eat four ha-ha. I will have a banana too for variety.

How do you spend game day?

I like to have a stroll in the morning and then get to work on my eyebrows before chilling out until game time.

Nervous or excited before a match?

Bit of both.

What’s in your kit bag?

I have all the usual gear plus a few extra hair-ties. My water bottle is in there, shoes etc. Nothing overly exciting.

Favourite pump up song?

I enjoy a good singalong – something everyone knows.

Speak or silent in the changeroom?

I move towards the quiet corner.

Key message before the match starts?

Chill out and just play netball.

Most exciting thing about playing netball?

I have a very competitive nature so I enjoy the thrill of competing. I thoroughly enjoy playing a team sport. There is nothing better than working hard and improving alongside your best mates. It is awesome.

Post-match recovery?

I am NOT a fan of ice baths. Once the game is over, I am keen to get out of my sweaty kit right away. I do not like eating just before or just after a match. I think adrenaline is still pumping so that takes my mind off being hungry.