10 for 10 with #5

Caitlin Bassett

Sleep in or up early?

I am a sleep in girl. Always! If we have a late game, I will get up at 8:00am and have a nap later in the day. A pre-game nap is generally in my routine.

Game day breakfast?

I like making smoothie bowls at home at the moment. They will have frozen banana, coconut milk, protein powder and cacao powder to make it ‘choc banana’ and then serve it with granola and peanut butter on top. It is pretty yummy. I sometimes serve it in a heart-shaped bowl!

How do you spend game day?

I like to be really organised so when I get to the game I am not stressed out. It has been a bit tough living on the Sunny Coast as so many people want to visit on game day! I generally send them off exploring and I do some prep for the game. I may go for a walk, grab a coffee, have some lunch and pack my bag nice and early.

Nervous or excited before a match?

Bit of both. I always get nervous before a match which means I am ready and switched on and I know I am about to something important. If I do not get nervous before a match, it is probably time to retire.

What’s in your kit bag?

All the essentials plus I have extra strapping tape and socks… Boring I know. I always pack lip gloss or lip balm because my lips gets really dry. I also have little pads for my toes as my toes rub excessively during a match.

Favourite pump up song?

At the moment it is “Now and Later” by Sage the Gemini. I really like it – he’s awesome.

Speak or silent in the changeroom?

I like to have a little bit of a chat in the changerooms to get rid of some nervous energy. I also have a little sing.

Key message before the match starts?

“Do my job”. It is simple. Whatever my role is in that game, I tell myself that. I also have a chat with whoever is playing Goal Attack and Wing Attack that day to discuss what we need to do as a group.

Most exciting thing about playing netball?

It is having the opportunity to do things I would never have been able to do if I did not play netball. Some of the people I have been able to meet are pretty amazing. Places I have lived is another one – I never would have dreamed of living on the Sunshine Coast. I have been able to tour with the Aussie Diamonds to Jamaica, Cook Islands, England… it is pretty amazing.

Post-match recovery?

I do not particularly like ice baths but I know they are good for my legs so I jump in for five minutes straight away. For me, it is essentially about eating and sleeping. Sometimes it can take me a while to wind down after a game of netball so I like to watch the match highlights while I am getting drowsy.