10 for 10 with #3

Laura Langman

Sleep in or up early?

Up early.

Game day breakfast?

Same breaky I have every day which is Bircher Muesli with blueberries, kiwi fruit and Chobani.

How do you spend game day?

Steph Wood and I will take a game-day walk and then have coffee on the way home. When we play a night game like we are against Fever, I’ll go to Pilates during the day then have a nap. I’ll have a primer too, which is a gym session (20 minutes maximum) to get rid of that first wave of nervous energy. Usually that involves some Olympic lifts.

Nervous or excited before a match?

Excited I think. It’s always cool to put what you’ve worked on at training out on court. I love seeing the passages of play we put together so I’m always excited for game day – it’s the best day of the week.

What’s in your kit bag?

I always take my diary for some reason. I have my foot bag, my prehab band, heart rate monitor, Blistex, my uniform and Chobani for a snack.

Favourite pump up song?

I’m pretty relaxed with my music. I usually listen to whatever Erena (Mikaere) or Geva (Mentor) put on.

Speak or silent in the changeroom?

I’m probably silly! As the match draws closer I turn somewhat silent.

Key message before the match starts?

I always contemplate what my three little “PIGs” are. “PIGs” are “painfully important goals”. Steph and I usually exchange them as we are about to run out.

Most exciting thing about playing netball?

I love the team element of playing netball. I lover the speed of the sport and how dynamic the game is. The past few seasons I have started to get into the strategic side of the sport. I love stats and analysing documents. Sport is great!

Post-match recovery?

I hate ice baths so I sit and watch the others girls complain in them. I always look forward to my strawberry milk after a game! A hot shower is always nice. I try and relax and then make sure I wear my compression gear. Ice baths are a no-go zone.